The Clay Hill experience from a 22 year-old blogger

By Becky O'Neill on 8/24/2015

Eating at fancy restaurants has always been a struggle for me- I am always attracted to the kid’s menu. I mean who doesn’t enjoy chicken nuggets?  However, I recently had a dining experience at Clay Hill Farm that changed all that. Knowing my usual dining habits, I was nervous to go…so I recruited a few friends to dine with me and tell me about their experience. As we pulled up to Clay Hill, we were met by a valet at the front door-which instantly made us feel important and fancy enough to require his services. It was almost as if late night take out or a bowl of cereal on a busy college campus wasn’t the norm…and never happened. My cousin Mike has an extensive palate, which is why I was not surprised when he ate a 1 ¼ pound lobster after having multiple appetizers and side dishes, followed by after dinner drinks. I, however, brought home leftovers (Mike ate them for a second breakfast the next morning). His girlfriend, Lauren, also has a hea ...

A Whole New World!

By Becky O'Neill on 8/24/2015

Hello All and Welcome to the brand new Clay Hill Farm website! Lots have changed over the past few years and so have we! Our new website has many more features for all of you to take a look at. Like this blog for instance! All you bloggers out there will understand that blogging is a great way of communicating thoughts and ideas. I, Becky O’Neill, will be making my way through all that Clay Hill has to offer, from dining, to weddings, to gardens and more and giving you the inside scoop on those who run the restaurant and work together to ensure a great experience for all that walk in the door! You can now follow me on Clay Hill Instagram (@clayhillfarm), twitter (@ClayHillFarm), like us on our Facebook page and even follow us on Pinterest and share with us your favorite posts! Take a walk through our website and be sure to check my videos as well as the videos featuring Clay Hills expert staff members and entertainment options. #ExperienceUs 

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