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Environmental Leadership

Our Environmental Story

In 1991, Clay Hill Farm became the first restaurant in the country to be certified as a natural wildlife habitat and bird sanctuary. The beautiful grounds, the nurtured habitats, the 150 birdhouses around the propertyÖ.
all tell a twenty-year old story of environmental concern and care.  

In March of 2008, Clay Hill Farm became one of the first businesses in Southern Maine to be an Environmental Leader. The following list of Clay Hill Farmís environmental practices, have been recognized by the state of Maine in the Environmental Leadership program.

  • Providing and protecting natural wildlife habitats
  • Composting
  • Preserving Maineís natural resources with holistic gardening
  • Growing herbs and vegetables for the restaurant
  • Recycling
  • Eliminating the use of pesticides and chemicals throughout the property
  • A menu commitment to seasonal, fresh and local products that support our region's family farms.

Clay Hill Farm is one of the first state certified Environmental Leaders in  Southern Maine. With our sustainability task force in place, we at Clay Hill Farm are committed to finding new ways to reduce environmental impact and preserve the true beauty of Maine.

About Being Green

At Clay Hill Farm, we are proud to be recognized as Maine state Environmental Leaders, but we really want to be clear about what being green means to us. We believe in traditional values of conservation and land care. We believe in providing a better future for our children. We believe in preserving the beauty of Maineís resources, and we believe in the process of improvement. We view green as a beginning, not as an end.

Clay Hill Farm hopes to encourage others to realize that small steps can lead to big change. We were surprised to be considered green. We have discovered that even the smallest earth-friendly initiative can have an impact.  We strive to constantly improve our commitment to sustainability and embrace social outreach in an effort to empower others to believe they can make a difference.  We will also continue to create community outreach childrenís programs. Clay Hill Farmís community Fairy-house building encourages imagination and teaches children how to create habitats from all natural earth materials. Our Scavenger Hunts encourage an appreciation of the Big Backyard, and foster ecological curiosity. When it comes to protecting the environment, many have asked where do you start?  Clay Hill Farmís answer is maybe you already have. We are all in this together.

In Summary

Old practices at Clay Hill Farm now have a new flavor, and traditional values have a modern twist. Common sense conservation, practicality and frugality are coming back in vogue. Is it possible to be green without realization? We at Clay Hill Farm say yes.  We are all green in some way.
So, pick your shade and shout it to the world. It is time to celebrate all contributions.



Launched annually in the Fall, Clay Hill Farmís Green Wedding Giveaway contest encourages engaged couples to creatively explore the parallel between a commitment to each other and a commitment to the earth. Creativity is key in this project, as couples submit a creative expression of their unique shade of green to win a complete green summer wedding weekend in Maine.

In year 4, we are tweaking the contest to make it a bit more interactive on the website: Archives from year's past have been added, and galleries of past winners grace the site. This year, we have opened the contest up to NOMINATIONS so couples that may not have entered a "contest" have a chance at the wedding reward. Nominees will be contacted by Clay Hill Farm and asked if they wish to pursue the Grand Prize and/or Judges' Awards. Nominees that agree to become finalists will be asked to submit answers to 4 questions, one of which asks for a creative submission to punctuate their green shade...a creative expression that celebrates how green can, could or does play a role in their new lives together. The contest is not a measurement of green, rather a question of how green living can be considered and celebrated as a life-style change. Like marriage, green living is about commitment and compromise, couples can celebrate their unique shade of green with a fantastic reward.

With the mission of spreading green connectedness, an amazing collection of wedding professionals and green-minded businesses make this project possible. Project sponsors will be there to encourage the contest finalists as they embark on a 5-week mission to garner public votes and spread the message that we are all green in some way.


On the Monday of Columbus Day weekend, Clay Hill Farm hosts its annual Fall Eco-Fest, celebrating the season and green family fun. Local food, live music, crafters, farmers, artists, childrenís organizations, alternative energy companies and eco-conscious businesses, unite on Clay Hillís front lawn and under the generous tent, to weave a green ribbon through a day of family fun. Last year, at Clay Hillís inaugural Fall Eco-Fest, over 400 friends and families enjoyed the festivities.


Clay Hill Farmís follow-up event to the Green Wedding Giveawayģ is an Earth Day celebration entitled; Clay Hill Unplugged. This candle-lit evening celebrates the green shades of food, music and community with a fresh relevance each year. The winners of the Green Wedding Giveaway help personalize and promote the event with their unique shade of green, keeping the event fresh from year to year.

This past April, Clay Hill Farm sponsored 23 students from NYC (the GWGC winning groom was a math teacher in Manhattan) to come to Maine and experience green initiatives first-hand. (Please see the NECN news story on Clay Hill Farmís website: Local and National media followed the story of NYC ninth graders, who had never left the city, celebrating Earth Day for the first time, in Maine. The students brought seedlings to plant in the new sustainable gardens at Clay Hill Farm, they explored the area by trolley, enjoyed all-natural food, learned about green practices from the 20+ professionals at Clay Hill Unplugged, shared their stories with the public at the event, and camped out under the stars at the Hilton-Winn Youth Enrichment Center in Cape Neddick. The Manhattan school has asked that Clay Hill Farm make this an annual Earth Day event for their students.


Throughout the summer, Clay Hill Farm offers FREE community fairy house building and scavenger hunts for children. These events teach younger children about backyard ecology, and help to promote a respect for Maineís natural resources.


 NEW in 2010, Clay Hill Farm instituted Fundraising Fridays. On Friday nights throughout the year, 10% of total food sales are donated to a local cause, charity or environmental organization. Great Works Regional Land Trust, Center for Wildlife, York County Community Action, York Land Trust and The Youth Enrichment Center at Hilton-Winn Farm (where our NYC kids camped) are among the recipients of this new community giveback initiative. 

We at Clay Hill Farm are committed to continuing our environmental outreach, striving to positively empower individuals and businesses to create collective change. We will continue to work towards improving our farm-to-table connections and threading our eco-learning through the many facets of our business. Celebrating all shades of green and every effort to make a difference in the world, we believe, will help connect people and boost the positive momentum in our ever-greening society. Through education and positive reassurance, we believe change is possible. We honor every contribution, and consider being green a humble process. There is no end game on the road to saving the planet, one small step at a time. Many thanks to Peter Cooke and the Maine DEPís Environmental Leadership program for helping to put Clay Hill Farm on this important path.