Harold Barnard

Featured: August 14th - September 20th 

Artist Harold Barnard grew up in Downeast Maine and draws inspiration for his work from his  deep Maine roots. With a passion for nature exploration as a young boy, Barnard’s experience with hunting and fishing in Maine’s woods and waters fostered a deep connection and respect for the inner beauty of his surroundings. Barnard’s work stretches across contemporary artistic painting styles- abstracts brim with color, surreal skies envelop cities, hidden faces peer out unexpectedly from kaleidoscopic dreamscapes.  Woven into larger works, often as a painting within a painting, are colorful representations of the natural world- breaking ocean waves, birds in flight and migrating fish.

“Whether ice fishing at 20 below, dragging streamers across Grand Lake or thrashing through heavy woods to that hidden beaver dam, my adventures were varied and still fill my heart much in the same warm way painting does,” said Barnard.  “I like the feelings, the freedom and places my creative pull takes me.”

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