Meet Featured Artist Amy Audet at Clay Hill Farm

April 18th – June 4th in the Veranda Room at Clay Hill Farm

Artist Amy Audet at Clay Hill Farm


Amy Audet has been a long-time lover of the outdoors in all types of weather. She was raised in Wakefield MA and is currently a permanent resident of Wells, Maine. “Nature has amazed me as long as I can remember, “said Audet, “I love that nature is momentary, and constantly changing.” Audet attempts to capture all the senses in her paintings- the feel, the smells, the sounds, the light and the color. Transforming her seasonal cottage to a year-round residence in 2013, Audet was able to spend more time on the estuary and the beach for painting inspiration. Working primarily with pastels on “sanded” surfaces and occasionally in oil paints, Audet has been experimenting with Plein air painting in studio, from moments captured in photos. While she enjoys typical meditation, there is nothing more quieting yet joyous to Audet than to be immersed in painting.