Community. Hope. Support. Gratitude. Over 150 people came out last Sunday to help support those fighting cancer at the fundraising luncheon for the Hope Lodge in Boston hosted by Gordon Lewis and his family at Clay Hill Farm. Lewis first heard of the Hope Lodge of Boston from his doctor when diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer requiring daily treatments last fall. The Hope Lodge is the Cancer Society’s residential ‘Home away from Home’ for patients in active treatment and their caregivers residing 40+ miles from Boston hospitals, offering free lodging and transportation to its residents. The Hope Lodge makes it possible for patients to stay with their caregivers while receiving life-saving cancer treatments at some of the finest hospitals in the world. The camaraderie and care Lewis experienced at the Hope Lodge in Boston changed his life in ways that far surpassed the cancer. Last Sunday’s fundraising luncheon for the Hope Lodge was a way for Lewis and his family to give back to the program that helped save his life, and to raise awareness in the community of the existence of true Hope for cancer patients and their families.

With the incredible generosity of local businesses donating raffle and auction items, the overwhelming support of those attending the luncheon, and the fabulous volunteers, the event raised close to $20,000 for the Hope Lodge in Boston! Ongoing raffles in 3 local businesses- including Clay Hill Farm, will add to that total throughout the summer. Hundreds of cancer patients and their families will have access to life-saving treatments thanks to the generosity of the Ogunquit/York community. Special Thanks to: Tom Carey, Garthwaite Oil, Bruce & Sheila Wilson, Sally Struthers, Jack Duford, Bintliff’s Restaurant, Brian Lewer, La Orilla Restaurant, David Sullivan, Cliff House Maine, Kelly White, Diane Barrington, Coastal Landscaping, Sea Bell Gallery, Ogt Wine Cellar, Revelations Gift Shop, Amore Breakfast, Front Porch Restaurant, Hannaford, Anthony’s, Greenleaves, Love Shack, Café Prego, That Place in Ogt, TaleSpinStudio, Brix & Brine, Katherine Mayfield, Jerry Bazata, Scott Johnson, Ellis & Paula Lane, Kay Hamlin, Bill & Lynn Cone, Matt Blom, Janet Spillane and Renée Lass.

A Personal Note –

A local man with a recent cancer diagnosis similar to my Dad’s reached out to him during Sunday’s event. Worried about his future and his family, the man came to the luncheon to learn more about his options- he came in search of Hope. Dad was able to share his personal experience and introduce him right away to the manager of the Hope Lodge in Boston, where this man and his family may stay this fall- making it possible for him to receive some of the best cancer care in the world! When setting up the fundraiser for the Hope Lodge these past couple months people often asked us what the goal was. Most likely they were expecting a monetary answer, and we really couldn’t say. Now we can. While we are thrilled the event raised close to $20,000, and will be forever grateful to our family, our friends and the community for their support- it is the man from Wells and his family that truly represents our goal. Sharing the priceless gift of Hope. That was our goal. They say if you help one person in life your time was worthwhile. They also say it takes a village. Last Sunday our Dad helped one. Last Sunday our village helped hundreds. What an amazing day. We are so grateful to the Hope Lodge and everyone there that dedicates their lives to helping others.
Thank you all so much.

-Jennifer Lewis


Join us at the Fundraising Luncheon & Help us Support Those Fighting Cancer

to Benefit the HOPE LODGE Boston

Sunday, June 2nd - 2019, 12-4pm

What if when you- or a loved one, were diagnosed with cancer and numb with fear, someone told you about a free place to stay so you could get the best treatments in the world. What if you learned there was free transportation to and from Boston hospitals at this place, and fully-equipped suites with community kitchens, and volunteers who often donate their time and talent to cook and entertain residents. What if you learned that the camaraderie you’d experience staying in a place with other cancer patients and their families could provide you with life-changing moral support in what might very well be the most difficult time of your life.  How would you feel when you learned this? Hope. You’d feel hope.

When our Dad, Gordon Lewis, was diagnosed with prostate cancer requiring daily treatments in Boston last fall, the doctor told him he qualified for the Hope Lodge. Like you, we had never heard of the Hope Lodge. Who knew? We certainly didn’t. But after having experienced 9-weeks of generosity in the Cancer Society’s ‘Home away from Home’, it is an honor to share what was so graciously given to our Dad- and to our family, the Hope of the Hope Lodge.

Facing cancer is hard. Having to travel out of town for treatment can make it even harder. The Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in Boston is a comfortable, home-like residence for cancer patients receiving daily treatments at one of the Boston hospitals. Each Hope Lodge offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when their best hope for effective treatment is more than 40 miles from their residence. Not having to worry about where to stay or how to pay for lodging allows guests to focus on getting better. Hope Lodge provides a nurturing environment where guests can retreat to private rooms or connect with others. Every Hope Lodge also offers a variety of resources and information about cancer and how best to fight the disease. 

The Hope Lodge Boston offers 40 - 2-room suites, and many common rooms; as well as 4 fully- equipped, community kitchens. Free Daily shuttle service to and from the hospitals for treatments, is also provided. And while the obvious advantage of free lodging and transportation is beyond words, the therapeutic advantage of shared experience- being with other patients also undergoing cancer treatment at the Hope Lodge, is priceless.

The Hope Lodge experience changed our Dad’s life in ways that far surpassed surviving cancer. True gratitude and humility changes a person. It is our heart-felt honor to give-back as a family and do whatever we can to raise awareness and funds for the Hope Lodge in Boston. The gift of caring, of friendship, of kindness…of hope, is one that can best be reverenced through helping others.

A Fund-Raising Luncheon to contribute to the Capital Campaign of the Hope Lodge Boston will be held at Clay Hill Farm Restaurant on Sunday, June 2nd (National Cancer-Survivor Awareness Day) from 12- 4pm. Public Welcome. The day will begin with a meet and greet hors d’oeuvre hour at noon, followed by a sit-down luncheon with speakers, raffles and auctions. Tickets are $50 per person - ALL proceeds to benefit Hope Lodge Boston. Through its capital campaign, the Hope Lodge Boston seeks to add 5 more guest suites, which would help countless cancer patients- and their families, receive the treatments and support needed to fight cancer. For tickets and more information, visit Clay Hill Farm’s website:, call 207-361-2272 or stop-by at 220 Clay Hill Rd. in Cape Neddick, Maine.  

The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge program provides a free home away from home for cancer patients and their caregivers. More than just a roof over their heads, it's a nurturing community that helps patients access the care they need. Each Hope Lodge community offers a supportive, homelike environment where guests can share a meal, join in the evening's activities, or unwind in their own private room. Patients staying at a Hope Lodge must be in active cancer treatment, and permanently reside more than 40 miles or one hour away from their cancer treatment center. Each patient must be accompanied by a caregiver. More information available online at: Click Here

TO PURCHASE TICKETS- Download Invitation / R.S.V.P. email us at or call 207-361-2272

Just a few of the FABulous RAFFLE items
at the Fundraiser...

  • $1000 Gift Certificate from Garthwaite Oil Co
  • Tickets to Red Sox game (located behind the dugout)
  • Private Fishing or Sightseeing Tour for 6 on the "Salty Lewer"out of Perkins Cove
  • Private, catered Dinner Party Cooking Lesson for 8 with Chef Matt from LaOrilla demonstrating making Paella
  • Fabulous Photograph by David Sullivan Looking back at the Marginal Way
  • 4 Nights at Beautiful Mount Ascutney Resort in Brownsville, Vermont
  • $20 chances to WIN a fantastic Ogunquit, Maine getaway -
    • 2 night’s lodging overlooking the ocean at Sea Chambers Motel

    • Dinner for 2 one night at Clay Hill Farm Restaurant

    • 2 tickets at the Ogunquit Playhouse for Saturday evening

    • $50 Gift certificate for Revelations Gift Shop

    • $50 Gift certificate for Sea Bell Gallery

    • $25 Gift certificate for Ogunquit Wine Cellar

    • $50 Gift Certificate for LaOrilla Restaurant