The VerandArt Project

To honor Ogunquit’s long-standing history as an artists’ colony and showcase the local artists in the community today, Clay Hill Farm- together with TaleSpinStudio in Ogunquit, launched the #VerandArt Project in the spring of 2018. The unique outreach program features a new local artist’s collection in the Veranda Room at Clay Hill Farm every 6-8 weeks for the public to view and enjoy.  The #VerandArt Project is an artistic collaboration between Clay Hill Farm and TaleSpinStudio in Ogunquit, bringing the love of art and food into experiential harmony.


Meet Featured Artist

Anne Banfield
November 2020 -Spring 2021

After a change in careers and a return to the East coast, native New Englander Anne Banfield rediscovered her passion for photography through her life-long love of Maine. What began as an interest in her 20’s, soon became a professional hobby, shooting family portraits and weddings after many years of courses and workshops. As the industry shifted to digital, Banfield put the camera down for a bit and began a new life on the West coast. Now back in Maine, her passion reignited, Banfield finds herself at home again- in more ways than one. “I photograph what I love,” says Banfield. “The ocean, boats, buoys…anything coastal. The ocean, weather and surroundings are changing constantly, so the background is never the same. I thrive on the beauty in my own backyard.”


Previous featured artist


Rick Barber
August - October 2020

After purchasing Moon Over Maine Bed & Breakfast in 2011, Rick Barber and his husband Mark moved to Ogunquit and settled in as residents on the picturesque coast of Maine. What began as a morning walk on the beach, quickly became a daily sunrise photo post on Facebook, and from there Barber’s photography took off. With a deep passion for Ogunquit expressed through his photos, and a steadfast commitment to the community through volunteerism, Barber has become much more than a casual amateur photographer. Through the power of social media, Barber’s powerful images of coastal beauty- with a sunrise specialty, have transcended small town love to become iconic messages of new-day hope and peace for all. “Capturing these moments is like finding moments of grace and serenity”, said Barber, “An opportunity to find a sense of peace in a chaotic world. “


Previous Featured Artist

Meet Featured Artist,
Annie Stone 

ANNIE STONE:  July-August, 2019

A life-long student of art and the process, Annie Stone studied art history and graphic design- graduating with a BA in art education. While teaching art, she studied watercolor and the process and got hooked on the control of the medium. But it was during her time on Monhegan island with a small group of artists, that everything changed. Stone began a love affair with impressionist land/seascape oil painting on the inspirational Maine island- a love she still nurtures today. Mostly self-taught and under the guidance of the artists on the island, “I look for that moment when the light is just right and the mood I feel about a particular place is expressed.” Stone still teaches privately and spends as much time painting as possible. “My goal is to always paint, always learn and always say YES to now.”

Local artist, Amy Kelly, of TaleSpinStudio in Ogunquit is the curator and co-founder of the project. Clay Hill Farm is an experiential dining and event venue on 11 private acres in Cape Neddick, Maine- just 2 miles from the downtown Ogunquit. A certified environmental sanctuary committed to local outreach; Clay Hill Farm is proud to celebrate the natural beauty of Maine by supporting the arts in our community. (207) 361-2272.

Previous Featured Artist
Marc Bedard at Clay Hill Farm’s June -July , 2019

With the words of Ming-Dao Deng guiding his path, “Don’t be afraid to explore: Without exploration, there are no discoveries”, local artist Marc Bedard steps back in time to create unique photos with analog cameras and alternative film processing. An award-winning member of the International Lamographic Society, Bedard best describes his work in a painting parallel, “Like a painter uses brushes and pallet, I create art using cameras, film and alternative processing.” Bedard will be the first photographer showcased as part of the #VerandArt Project- A Local Artist Outreach Program.


Previous Featured Artist Amy Audet at Clay Hill Farm

April 18th – June 4th, 2019 in the Veranda Room at Clay Hill Farm

Amy Audet has been a long-time lover of the outdoors in all types of weather. She was raised in Wakefield MA and is currently a permanent resident of Wells, Maine. “Nature has amazed me as long as I can remember, “said Audet, “I love that nature is momentary, and constantly changing.” Audet attempts to capture all the senses in her paintings- the feel, the smells, the sounds, the light and the color. Transforming her seasonal cottage to a year-round residence in 2013, Audet was able to spend more time on the estuary and the beach for painting inspiration. Working primarily with pastels on “sanded” surfaces and occasionally in oil paints, Audet has been experimenting with Plein air painting in studio, from moments captured in photos. While she enjoys typical meditation, there is nothing more quieting yet joyous to Audet than to be immersed in painting.