Fall: The New Summer Wedding

There was a time when summer was defined as the ideal wedding season. It was popular because of the weather with warm temperatures and clear skies as well as the relaxed schedules of school and work.  June through August held the spot of prime wedding season for quite a long time. But around the end of 2017, there was a shift in the wedding season trend.  Now fall is the new summer with brides planning weddings for September and October.

As fall weddings are gaining popularity Maine provides the most picturesque location. The coastline on a crisp fall day has a completely different look than a warm mid-summer afternoon.  Maine’s fall foliage is notoriously breathtaking as a palette of bright oranges and fiery reds contrasts with the blue sky and whitecapped shores.   If you are planning to get married in Maine, fall is an ideal time for fantastic weather and brilliant foliage.

Maine’s autumn seasons are predictable and it remains stunning throughout the fall from the end of September to early November. Whether you wish to celebrate your nuptials on the coastline or an inland you’ll be able to enjoy the brilliant and beautiful hues of the changing leaves.  Such beautiful scenery will also serve as a perfect background for your wedding photos.

Here are some reasons why fall weddings are surpassing summer for the title of ideal wedding season:

The eye-catching scenic and gorgeous foliage- There are countless choices and options that you can take advantage of with a fall wedding. While the season lacks blooming branches, it does provide gorgeous centerpieces and foliage that can be used to suspend over tables. If you plan to get married in Maine in the fall season, the beautiful and rich autumn colors will surround your venue. Rustic colors of oranges and browns are mixed with gold, yellows, and creams that fill the landscape of Maine and make a perfect color palette to bring into your wedding reception decoration. By planning a fall wedding you’ll be adding something that is a little bit different from traditional taste. The stunning flower options available in the autumn season are carnations, mums, and sunflower which can be used for a bouquet as well as for decorations.  

Organic Farm Grown food-Each season brings its own flavor and the fall season is like no other.  Autumn months offer countless harvest me nu options to bring to your banquet table. Just imagine the mouthwatering flavor of maple, butternut, and polenta being used with the main course or you can add drama by using vegetables on an open bonfire.

The delicious seasonal cake flavors- It’s not an exaggeration the flavors of cakes in fall are mouthwatering. The fall season brings in the warmth of spices and rich tastes like apple spice cake with cinnamon flavored cream cheese frosting or hazelnut buttercream cake frosting. And don’t forget cakes decorated with juicy seasonal fruits like apples, grapes, figs or buttercream and chocolate ganache dressing.  And of course, fall is the season to enjoy a traditional apple or pumpkin pie.

A warm and cozy environment- The reason why more and more couples are planning fall wedding is that it provides a very warm and cozy environment for such an intimate occasion. Couples are adding bonfires during cocktail hour, warm blankets, soft pashminas, warm drinks and other unique touches. And as Maine has lots of open areas so, such arrangement is ideal. 

As you consider locations for a fall wedding venue, Maine is ideal for scenery as well as for weather.  At Clay Hill Farm, our wedding planners will create the fall wedding of your dreams from the decorated gazebo for your ceremony to the exquisite menu offering for your guests.   View our  photo gallery of past fall weddings.  Contact Clay Hill Farm to get your wedding plans started for next fall.