Feels Like the First Time!

FIRST TIME brings images of excitement, adventure and mystery.  We usually associate first time events with our youth. A ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ kind of thing.   BUT sometimes life gives us opportunities to experience first time events… again!  And appreciate these moments more than we did the ‘first time’.   

Just like the words in the song, your Clay Hill Farm Wedding will outshine all!   This event will be YOUR first time together, so let us work with you to make memories that will last a lifetime!   

Begin to imagine your day…

Do you want the old-fashioned traditions?  Don’t resist the urge. Let us make them work for you!  White dress? Attendants? A large celebration after the ceremony?  Let’s make it all come together for your special day.

Would you like to marry in fresh ocean air on the sun-drenched beach to celebrate your fresh start?  We have the ocean, the beach and fresh air that will fill your heart with inspiration! 

Are you dreaming of a spring wedding with garden paths and fresh flowers?  Maybe a trellis covered with your favorite colors?  We’ll create a backdrop built from YOUR dreams to fill your heart as you take your vows!

Or maybe you’d like to be in a warm room near a crackling fire and the scent of evergreens in the air… we can make your imagination come to life and fill it with your newly found favorites or traditional long-time loves.   

Flowers, Music, Cake, and Pictures.  If you have creations or creative spirits that you want us to incorporate into the day, let us know!   Or, if you are overwhelmed by so many charming options, we have our own creative spirits to pull all of your ideas together into a dream come true!

Whatever you can dream, we can make it reality!  Look over our wedding pages and see what ideas touch your hearts.   Bring them in to us and then relax!   At Clay Hill farm, we will make sure your day feels like the first time… again!