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Dinner Party Menus - Dinner Party Menus

Expanded Menu


Seasonal Salad

Choice of 3:
Any Entrée from the Basic Menu, plus…

Chicken: Coq au Vin OR Korean style thighs- (spicy, sweet and salty) OR Garam Masala roasted chicken thighs OR Mediterranean lemon grilled chicken breast with tzatziki sauce OR Oskar: Breaded breast topped with asparagus spears, crabmeat and hollandaise

Fish: Seafood Stuffed Haddock w/Newburg sauce OR Roasted Haddock with a chowder sauce, (bacon, wine, cream, potatoes) OR Miso crusted Salmon w/ Hoisin drizzle OR Grilled Swordfish w/ seasonal salsa OR Swordfish w/Mojo Islano sauce- (rustic sauce with onions, red bell peppers, capers, tomato, vinegar) OR Grilled Swordfish w/ citrus butter 

Pork: Braised and seared belly, caramel soy glaze OR Boneless chop grilled with caramelized onion-Dijon sauce

Beef: Prime Rib au jus OR Braised Short Ribs w/natural jus OR Roasted Sirloin w/mushroom sauce 

Vegetarian/Vegan: Chef’s Choice 

Per Person