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A Treat for Your Senses

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

A dinner out is a celebration for making an offer on your dream home, nailing your presentation to management, or simply making it through the work week. If you are lucky enough to be near Cape Naddick in Maine, Clay Hill Farm is the perfect place to treat yourself to the dinner out that you deserve. Clay Hill Farm’s restaurant and unique setting offer a fine dining experience as well as a treat for your senses.

Taste- One benefit of having a restaurant located near the coast is the accessibility to fresh seafood. Maine lobster is considered one of the sweetest tasting lobsters. The culinary artists at Clay Hill Farm create a variety of dishes featuring Maine lobster in an award-winning lobster bisque and a starter of Maine lobster served with brie dip. Haddock is also common to the North Atlantic region and its mild flavor harmonizes with the lobster cream sauce in the seafood stuffed haddock or the zesty lemon crumb topping of the broiled haddock. The savory creations presented by the chefs at Clay Hill Farm change with the seasons. Fresh ingredients from the on-site gardens bring in subtle floral and earthy flavors from mint, thyme, and basil. Whether its seafood or any other entree at Clay Hill Farm, the flavors are exhilarating making the meal memorable.

Sound- Keeping with the theme of utilizing native resources for the menu, Clay Hill Farm offers guests live music from local talent. Every night features a music artist that offers variety of music styles. Curt and Jenn are guest favorites with their soulful harmonies on Sunday nights. Guitarist Brian Bair and Stephen Bracciotti each bring different sounds and musical genre. Katherine Mayfield’s lounge style piano featured several days during the week is the perfect background ambiance to carry on a conversation with your dinner party. And of course, there are the sounds of nature you can appreciate as you dine on the deck. Clay Hill Farm is the first restaurant in the country to be certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a bird sanctuary and wildlife preserve. A peaceful walk through the grounds of Clay Hill Farm are a perfect way to end your evening.

Live Music at Clay Hill Farm

Sight- Clay Hill Farm’s venue itself is a sight to be seen. There are over 11 acres of gardens, woodlands, and lush lawns. It’s Mother Nature’s art gallery setup just outside of the dining room windows. However, Clay Hill Farm wants to take it one step further and provide its guests with a visual display like no other. Premiering in 2018, Clay Hill Farm launched the #VerandArt Project. Dedicated space in the Veranda dining room will offer local artists a gallery to share their pieces with those dining at Clay Hill Farm. Through August 3rd, Matt Gunn’s work will be featured. True to the regional elements at Clay Hill Farm, guests will now have the opportunity to see Matt’s folksy interpretation of the coastal area through his colorful paintings. A mix of Matt’s coastal residence, his extensive travel, and his experience as fireman, forester, fisherman, and landscape designer have provided him the inspiration for his artwork. Clay Hill Farm’s commitment to sustainability and the #VerandArt Project provides guests enjoyment of the art produced by nature as well as that created by local talent.

Gardens at Clay Hill Farm

An evening at Clay Hill Farm is unparalleled. Through flavors, sound, and sight a visit to Clay Hill Farm is not only a dining experience but a full excursion for the senses.

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