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Fall is the New Summer

There was a time when summer was defined as an ideal wedding season. It was popular because of the typical warm weather, clear skies, and lighter school and work schedules. June, July, and August held the spot of wedding season for quite a long time. Until recently when we started to see a shift in wedding season trend. Now fall is the new summer. More brides are planning their “I DO” in September and October.

As fall weddings are getting more and more popular, Maine provides the most picturesque location. It offers plenty of picturesque woodlands and serene coastal backdrops. If you are planning to get married in Maine, fall will give you fantastic weather and brilliant foliage. The scenic beauty of leaves changing in vivid reds, oranges and purples.

Although some parts of the country go through unpredictable changes in foliage during fall, Maine is notorious for its consistent display of colors. The autumnal presentation remains stunning throughout the fall from the end of September to early November. Whether you wish to celebrate your nuptials on a coastline or an inland, you’ll be able to enjoy the brilliant and beautiful hues of orange, yellow and red. Such a scenic environment will be sure to set a memorable impression with your guests. And such scenery will also serve as perfect background for your wedding photos.

Fall weddings are amazing and take the title of ideal wedding season from summer because of the following:

Farm Grown food

Autumn months offer countless harvest menu options to bring to your banquet table. Mouthwatering flavor of maple, butternut, and polenta with the main courses of fresh fish or tender beef. Add color and flavor with seasonable vegetables on an open bonfire. Offer guests unique harvest dishes such as squash gratin or roasted acorn squash with mushrooms and goat cheese.

The delicious seasonal cake flavors

It’s not an overstatement that the flavors of cakes in fall are mouthwatering. Fall is harvest time for juicy, crisp apples. Adding these as well as grapes and figs as cake toppings can bring a unique taste to desserts. Serve a more savory dessert like an apple spice cake with cinnamon flavored cream cheese or with options like hazelnut buttercream and chocolate ganache dressing. And of course, there’s always room for apple pie or pumpkin pie.