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How to Have a Wedding Under $5000

A penny-wise couple can save tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding with the following tips and tricks. While some concessions must be made, you can still make your wedding day special, memorable, and beautiful. It just comes down to knowing where to cut and where to spend.

Wedding on a Budget

When planning how to have a wedding under $5,000, there are big ticket items you can trim down. Here are those main items that you can DIY or downsize to fit your budget. The following tips are useful for any wedding. Since we are a Maine wedding venue, we’ve included some extra tips for our region.

Keep It Small

A $5,000 budget is not going to cover a huge wedding with a guest list of 200. To ensure you have the perfect ceremony, be sure to keep it small. Every person you invite will have a domino effect on the budget, from the number of invitations, chairs, hors d’oeuvres, favors, and more.

Book in the Off Season

For a Maine Wedding, certain times of the year are not as popular for weddings. However, Maine wedding venues always have accommodations for different seasons as not to lose out on business. And if you’re having a small wedding, you can easily take advantage of indoor spaces that can be used year-round. Booking in the off-season or even on a Sunday instead of Saturday is a great way to save.

Book A Single Venue

Rather than hosting the wedding at one venue and the reception at another, opt for a venue that offers space for both. This will not only reduce your venue costs, but it will also eliminate the need for any transportation costs between locations. The good thing is there are many Maine wedding venues that offer services for both at a single location, including Clay Hill Farm.

Skip the Bartender (or alcohol)

Let’s face it, although alcohol is fun, it can bust your budget quickly. You may want to consider making large batches of drinks such as mojitos and margaritas rather than paying a bartender or offering a full menu of liquor choices. To really save, you can omit alcohol entirely or limit it to champagne toasts.