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Maine Wedding Venues: What to Look For

Maine is home to some of the most beautiful wedding venues, from its rocky coastline to wooded areas and everything in between. It’s no wonder brides have a wide variety of venues to choose from. It may seem overwhelming at first, but there are several planning aspects you can consider to help narrow down your options.

What to Look for in Maine Wedding Venues

Some of these may seem obvious on their own. However, it’s the combination of these characteristics that add up to the perfect venue. If a venue doesn’t meet your needs in each category, it’s time to cross it off the list.

Ease of Access

Ease of access, convenience, and travel time between parking lots and venues are all important aspects of your wedding day schedule. Imagine choosing a venue that is difficult to get to and having visitors show up late. Your ceremony could run late or, worse, be disrupted. Here are some things to ask yourself when choosing between Maine wedding venues:

  • Does the venue offer valet services?

  • Are there public transportation options available?

  • Is parking located off-site? If so, does the venue offer shuttle services?

  • Is traffic a consideration? What about weather during this time of the year?

  • Are there other major events such as festivals, concerts, or sporting events at the same time as your wedding that may affect hotel vacancy, rental car, ride-share, or taxi availability?

Photo Opportunities

Most Maine wedding venues offer a variety of photo op locations on their property. Ideally, you want both indoor and outdoor photo ops. While no one wants to think about rain or high winds on their special day, it’s always a possibility. Hence, you should have a backup photo plan in case of inclement weather. While the tent or ballroom will provide a great backdrop for some of them, you won’t want every picture taken here!

If you love a venue, but it lacks photo ops, you could consider nearby parks and other locations as well. Though moving to different venues could cut into your reception time.

Proximity to Lodging

Most people look forward to partying at the reception following the main event. Thus, it’s a great idea to choose a venue that is close to lodging. This will allow guests to safely travel a short distance after consuming alcohol, staying late, or whatever the case may be. Some venues or nearby hotels may offer shuttles to transport guests, though rideshares are always a great option, too.

Restaurant Quality Food

All-inclusive venues are extremely popular because they offer space for the ceremony and reception and they offer in-house catering services. The food is often a main highlight for guests and you don’t want to disappoint. Venues with quality chefs are usually happy to customize menus for their brides. Check to see if they offer food tastings and if they can accommodate special dietary needs.

The Right Style

Logistics are essential, however, you must ask yourself what feels authentic for you both as a couple. Your wedding is one of the most significant events of your life, so the venue should speak to you as a person. It should provide the perfect backdrop to make you feel special. So, after you’ve narrowed down your list, schedule tours of your favorites. In most cases, you’ll “just know” which one is right—just like you “just know” you’ve found the perfect dress.

What You Find at Clay Hill Farm

Clay Hill Farm is set on 11 gorgeous acres of land that features decks, gardens, ponds, and nature trails. We have a picturesque gazebo and other beautiful natural areas to capture breathtaking photos of your big day. Home to an award-winning restaurant, Clay Hill Farm is the perfect place to celebrate your big day with friends and family!

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