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Meet Curt and Jenn

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Just as Clay Hill Farm brings in locally grown ingredients to add flavor to our dishes, we also bring in the sweet sounds of local talent to spice up the night. A great duet on our entertainment schedule are Curt and Jenn.

Live music entertainment of Curt and Jenn
Curt and Jenn at Clay Hill Farm

Lyricist and entertainer Curt Bessette lives in Maine. Curt had originally aspired to become a social worker in Providence, RI. After performing rock and roll at live venues, music became his passion. He’s been a working and recording musician ever since and is also an award-winning lyricist.

Curt teamed up with the wonderful harmonies of Jenn Kurtz and they perform together throughout New England. Curt wrote the song “A Few Seconds with my Father” honoring his own father’s military past. Jenn and Curt honor veterans through their program called “Celebrating Our Veterans Through Songs and Stories” which includes original songs written by Curt.

Their folk-style performance is always relaxing making it a perfect combination with an evening spent at Clay Hill Farm. Add a positive note to your week with the heartfelt harmonies of Curt Besette and Jenn Kurtz on Sunday evenings at Clay Hill Farm. Unwind as you enjoy the soulful sounds of Jenn singing with the accompaniment of Curt strumming the guitar.

The music of Curt and Jenn highlight world beats, exuberant guitars and is invigorating— you may discover your feet moving in rhythm.