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Ogunquit Restaurants: Why Maine Lobster is the Best

If you visit Maine, one thing is true: you do not want to miss out on having lobster! Maine lobster is some of the best in the world. The following outlines why Maine lobster is better than the rest. We’ll also cover the best times to find it in Ogunquit restaurants.

Why Maine Lobster is Better Than the Rest

Maine lobster is some of the best and for good reason! It all comes down to water temperature.

Ocean temperatures off the coast of Maine are cold, but they are slightly warmer than surrounding ocean temperatures, such as by Canada. That slightly warmer temperature causes the lobster meat to be softer and more tender than other lobster meat.

Maine lobsters also tend to be smaller than other lobsters, but sweeter overall. In other words, great flavor in a small package!

Cold Water vs. Warm Water Lobster

Maine and Canadian lobsters are both cold water lobsters, known for their harder shells and sweeter, more tender meat. While the meat is tender, it is also considered more firm than other lobster. It breaks off in mouth-watering chunks that can be used in numerous recipes. Coldwater lobster is also larger in size than warm water lobster, which offers more meat to the consumer.

Warm water lobsters are mainly found in the water off the coast of California and Australia. While they can still be delicious, their meat is less firm and not as sweet as their cold-water counterparts. The tail of a warm water lobster is the only part that can be eaten.

Overall, cold water lobsters are of higher quality, which is why they are sold at a higher price.

When You Can Find the Best Lobster on the Menu

While lobster is not difficult to find in Ogunquit restaurants, there are ideal times of the year to find it.

Summer is usually the best time to find lobster on the menu. That is when lobstermen are setting their traps. They usually set them from June through October when the weather is more temperate.

While you can still find lobs