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Planning Seating at Your Wedding

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Planning a seating arrangement for your wedding reception can be a quite an intricate affair. It does not matter whether you are planning a small wedding or a big a celebration, you want to plan seating that will ensure your guests have an enjoyable evening with the other guests at their table. After all, you are planning the biggest celebration of your life.

Wedding table set with floral decor

The traditional layout typically has the bride and groom centered at a long banquet table seated with their maid of honor, best man and the rest of the bridal party. Modern couples wanting to create an informal and relaxed environment, have opted to sit as a couple at a private table and offer their bridal the opportunity to sit and mingle with the wedding guests. At Clay Hill Farm, we can design a seating arrangement to meet a variety of wedding atmospheres from customary to contemporary.

There is no doubt you want everyone to be happy with your selected arrangement. So, ask yourself, have you put your single friends on one table? Or will it will they feel offended or left out? Do you want to mix your friends who don’t know each other? Just remember that everyone is there to help you celebrate your day so don’t stress out. Here we’ll provide some tips on what to consider from top wedding planners that will help you to make your big day flawless.

Think about your family compatibility

There is no family without a little bit of drama. Think about each of the members individually. If you feel that it's better that they sit apart then don’t feel shy to arrange their seating separately. You can pair them with your friends, acquaintances or family with whom they are comfortable.

Consider your young guests

For the receptions where children will be in attendance, you will need to consider how many children will be attending, what will be their ages, and what is their relationship to each other. If your reception will have children that are related to each other, it’s suggested to add a kids table. It will be easier for parents as well as give the kids a little freedom during the reception meal.

Reach out to your parents

Don’t forget your parents as they know family and family friends better than you. They are a great resource to easily recommend which guest will feel comfortable with other guests. They also know more family personalities and can suggest pairing, for example, individuals who are not good at socializing.