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Starving for Art

It’s a natural response that when you are hungry, you get something to eat as nourishment for the body is a necessity for survival. But have you ever considered that your dinner out could also be nourishment for the mind and soul?

It’s not as instinctual to think about “feeding” your mind because there’s not a specific trigger such as a rumbling stomach. However, there are subtle elements during your dining experience that stimulate your senses without you realizing it. Think about the last time you went out for dinner. Was soft music playing that made you relaxed? Was there ambient lighting that also made you feel calm?

Most people overlook the décor as part of their dining experience. It is typically an element that goes unchanged and becomes unnoticed. But imagine if the walls incorporated a feast for the eyes. Bringing in fresh art pieces that provide nourishment for the mind and soul. Dining guests can begin to expect as much change on the walls as on the menu prompting repeat visits just as they would a museum or art gallery.

Many dining establishments are incorporating visual elements to give guests a full treat for the senses. Cape Neddick's Clay Hill Farm restaurant hosted a #verandart series featuring the works of local artists. where they created a dining experiences that was no longer just about food.

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