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The perfect pairing at your Wedding Reception: Food and Cocktails

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Are you planning your wedding but you are unable to decide on the food and cocktail pairing for your reception? Don’t worry! We’ve done all the homework for you.

Weddings are a once in a life time occasion. These nuptials are a welcome party honoring the commitment between the bride and groom and the reception is a celebration bringing new family members together with scrumptious and glorious food.

If you are planning your wedding in Maine than welcome to the food haven. It’s known for succulent lobster and many other seafood but Maine has much more to offer. Although it’s a culinary mecca of seafood as well as farm to table restaurants, it’s bakeries compete with the tastes of Paris. Coastal Maine is a prime region for foodies so wedding receptions require more consideration. With weddings as formal occasions, food pairing and cocktail pairing is really important. Serving your guests with the perfect combination takes attention to detail and thorough wedding planning.

Here are some ideas for cocktail and food pairing:


Chicken is commonly included on wedding reception menus. It is affordable especially for larger receptions. Chicken can be prepared in a variety of ways but is always perfectly paired with a glass of beer. One of Maine’s specialties is handcrafted beer. This combination gives your reception the feeling of a home cooked meal with friends and family.

Mediterranean Table

There is no one who would not love a table filled with warm pita and special dips. No matter where the couple is from a Mediterranean themed menu is sure to meet a variety of tastes. It typically includes a wide selection of baba ghanoush, hummus, marinated olives, feta and pickled vegetables with cheese. Vegetable based Mediterranean salads and sides pair will with white wine. For the main course of meats such as lamb or veal, a heavier red wine is recommended.

Raw Bar

The beauty of a raw bar is that it can be as extravagant as you want, as it all depends upon your budget and your favorite shellfish. Any combination of shrimps, oysters, lobster or clams is acceptable for this raw bar. You can easily limit the selection to meet your planned expenses. Variety can also be incorporated by offering choices of serving the raw bar with lemon, mignonette and cocktail sauce. As you consider hosting your wedding reception in Maine, it is an ideal place for curating this fresh and elaborate bar. A raw bar is decadent and best paired with drinks such as Sherry, Champagne, or a citrus cocktail.

Cheese Station

Creating an impressive cheese bar is not as difficult a task as you have imagined. Simply start with cheese selection depending on flavor and texture like soft, aged, blue or firm. Cheeses are available with many different profiles. Fresh mozzarella has a creamy taste and is excellent served with fresh vegetables and a glass of white wine. Traditionally you think of pairing cheese with only wine but the flavors of some cheese are best with more robust drinks like ciders and whiskey. For example, the earthy flavor of Vermont goat cheese tartlets pair well with a porter or stout beer. There is no doubt that guests will love the endless combinations of cheese and drink options.


Don’t hesitate to add lobster to your main course. Lobster with its vibrant color and fresh flavors is ideal for wedding receptions. A Maine wedding is incomplete without including an element of seafood. Most people avoid lobster because it can be expensive as well as messy. There are entrees that can incorporate lobster as an ingredient bringing in a fresh seafood flavor to your meal. A classic pairing with lobster is a glass of bubbling champagne. as well as most seafood would go well with champagne with it here it is your ideal, fresh, and adventurous dish.

As you can see, the combinations of food and drinks are endless. Regardless of what you end up serving, your guests will acknowledge the time and effort you took to plan the perfect wedding reception.

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