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Tips on Staying Within Your Wedding Budget

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Are you planning your wedding? Do you have a tight budget but still you want a fabulous and lavish wedding? Don’t worry- you are not the only one. Finding a wonderful venue, curating a perfect theme for your big day’s celebrations, and all within a limited budget can be quite a tricky task. A beautiful wedding should not be something that makes you worry about how to pay off your expenses after your wedding day. The uniqueness of each bridal couple exists in the style of their wedding and also in the couple’s spend ranges. A smaller budget wedding can still give you the wedding of your dreams. With the wedding packages we offer at Clay Hill Farm, we’ll share some tips on staying within your budget but still giving you a day to remember.

Set priorities

The best way to manage costs is to set your priorities and allocate a budget to each of the higher priced items. You can easily fall in love with a very expensive wedding gown but if establish a budget before dress shopping, you can look for dresses that stay within your spend limit. If the search for your wedding dress seems impossible, your budget can help you know how far to stretch an expense. You want to make sure to allocate a little extra for the dress as well as the band and catering. Next pick things that are a lower priority according to you. These maybe be things like the cake, invitations and flowers.

Book a spot in advance

Although restaurants and hotels make a wonderful and lovely venue, they can be more expensive. As you are planning a wedding in Maine consider booking a farm or barn as a unique venue for your ceremony. Such locations are less pricey than some lavish restaurants. Or you can also choose to elope by the sea taking advantage of nature’s backdrop instead of an indoor ceremony. Remember before deciding, discuss it with your better half and make sure to check your wedding budget.

Ditch the top-shelf

Guests are happy to share your wedding celebrate and have a good time. They are not concerned with whether you have top shelf liquor and an open bar. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for top-shelf selections, save your money by serving beer, wine and select cocktails. As we specifically discuss Maine weddings, the beer options are endless with craft beer gaining popularity in the this region.

Have a friend officiate

Rather than paying possibly $1,500 on a state or religious official to marry you, consider asking your friend to preside over the exchange of your vows. It would add a personal touch to have a friend formalize the partnership as bride and groom and help you start your life together as husband and wife. Anyone can be ordained online and the charges are quite reasonable. It’s a good idea to check with the marriage license bureau to make sure that selected officiant meets their criteria.

Cut the guest list

When planning your wedding you will want to include everyone you know in your celebration. We acknowledge that it’s a tough task to cut out some guests but it is the most effective and fastest way to lower the cost. The expense of one guest adds up when you include transportation, venue size, and catering options.

These are just a few tips that can help you budget a wedding that you can afford. We at Clay Hill Farm provide different wedding and reception packages to fit all budgets. We offer a total of 6 packages with varying levels of amenities from the menu, floral arrangements, drinks and decorations. You can customize all packages according to the vision of your wedding day as well as your budget. Our packages also include services like transportation, tent rental, stationary, lighting, floral package, desserts, meal, drinks, appetizers, wedding cards, entertainers and ceremony chairs. Clay Hill Farm is a full-service venue for your special day and our expert wedding planners are ready to work with you and your budget to plan the wedding of your dreams.

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