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Tradition is Always in Style

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all about a day of celebration mixed with tradition and modernity. Although people are evolving and changing their ways of celebration, the classic wedding rituals and merriment will always be in style. Your wedding day will be busy but the day will go by quicker than you want. One moment you are stepping into your wedding gown and the next minute you are saying farewell to the guests at your reception. To help keep the day memorable, nowadays people are mixing traditions with modern style. Here’s a list of some timeless wedding rituals and venues.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings have always been a consideration for wedding day venues. Such locations have been selected by couples as it gives natural beauty and light especially for spring and summer weddings. Now couples have added a little bit of twist by using farm settings. Farm locations offer creativity to mix an outdoor setting for vows in the sunlight and even a barn wedding reception with plenty of space for family style tables and dining. Maine is ideal for these types of venues with its picture countryside and an abundance of open areas and greenery.

Saving the first look

While brides plan their wedding, they envision the moment their groom sees them for the first time at the end of the aisle in their wedding gown. This has become a timeless and beautiful ritual of that creates a pure and intimate moment between the bride and groom. They take that moment to admire the beauty of the day and the vows they will soon exchange. For many couples, this ritual creates a beautiful anticipation of a moment certain to be remembered.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The tradition of a bride including something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue is meant to give her good luck on her wedding day. A bride can add something old like a family heirloom or token of love from a mother or sister to her wedding dress or bouquet. Each “something” represents a different aspect of the bride’s future such as fertility, optimism, luck, and love. Brides today still follow this tradition.

Tossing rice

This ritual is being followed since Roman times. Any grain can be tossed but usually wheat or rice are used. Throwing rice at newlyweds is a way for guests to wish a lifetime blessing of prosperity and fertility. Venues may not allow for rice to be thrown but there are creative alternatives such as flower petals or even have your guests blow bubbles as you leave the ceremony as husband and wife.

Coastal wedding

In Maine, weddings on the seaside have been preferred by many couples. One of the main reasons is the fresh breeze and scenic beauty. A seaside wedding provides a beautiful background for your ceremony as well as your wedding day photos. Weddings in coastal regions also bring the benefit of fresh seafood to the reception menu.

As they have for decades in the past, these traditions will be incorporated into wedding days for years to come. Mixing traditional elements along with modern trends will make your wedding day both unique and memorable.

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