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Wedding day music to your ears

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The soundtrack to your big day ought to be as radiant as the surroundings yet picking the precise music is not a simple task. However, you can’t go wrong when including a DJ and classical music. These have been customary wedding day elements guests have come to expect as entertainment during both your ceremony and reception.

Choosing music depends on various elements—the venue you reserved, the style of the wedding, as well as the musical interests of the bride and groom. The wedding couple commonly incorporates particular pieces that have significance of their time together. The venue will also influence the music choice. For instance, if a wedding is occurring outside on a shoreline a string group of four would not be a proper ensemble. Rather a metal gathering with trumpets, trombones, and horns would allow for better acoustics in an open setting. If a function is occurring in an intimate and cozy indoor setting, a string trio would be a greatly improved fit than an extensive metal gathering.

Classical music gives a quiet and rich temperament you need to set for the start of your wedding. Enrich the ceremony with live performance from a classical string ensemble. Envision visitors taking their places for your amazing entrance and marriage ceremony with the hints of far-off violins drifting through the air.

When you close your eyes and imagine a beautiful bride strolling down the aisle, what do you hear? In all likelihood, it's strains of Mendelssohn's "The Wedding March" or Pachelbel's "Canon in D." Classical wedding music gives a traditional style and "The Wedding March" and "Canon in D" are only a couple of options widely chosen to signify the union. There is bounty of many stunning alternatives, all of which give an exquisite background to the wedding processional. There's something about classical wedding music that strikes up the most wistful sentiments.

After the formalities of a wedding ceremony, your guests are looking forward to the celebrating. Pick the perfect DJ and your visitors will be on the dance floor throughout the night. Past references are a great resource as you search for that perfect DJ. You can personalize your reception by planning ahead of time with the DJ. DJ’s often have unique ideas for announcing the wedding party, introducing the couple for their first dance, and incorporating your personally curated play list. You can also give the DJ the freedom to select music that fits the crowd’s preference like blending in the upbeat tunes for the younger guests and the slower songs for couples. Since songs sometimes have multiple versions, make sure to get your playlist to the DJ ahead of schedule so they have the exact rendition.

If you are planning your wedding ceremony and reception in Maine, consider the sounds of David Hollis and Katherine Mayfield at the Piano, duo Curt Bessette and Jenn Kurtz, and guitarist/vocalist Brian Bair. Each of these musicians is well known by guests who dine at Clay Hill Farm. Pairing these musical talents with the beauty of the grounds and property at Clay Hill Farm would complete your wedding day.

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