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What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are a growing trend in the Maine wedding industry. Gathering restrictions from Covid-19 have led to reduced wedding numbers and smaller events. Couples seeking intimate ways to celebrate their union have also decided to have smaller events.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is like it sounds: a wedding on a very small scale. Usually, a micro wedding features the same format as a typical wedding, but for only up to 50 people. They tend to have a more relaxed, minimalistic vibe.

This type of affair is appealing to many couples who desire a more intimate event, or those who wish to keep the costs down.

However, some couples opt for micro weddings in order to splurge on the details. It allows them to focus their budget instead of having to spread it across a large guest list.

Why Are Micro Weddings Becoming More Popular?

Aside from gathering restrictions, there are many reasons a couple might choose to have a micro wedding instead of a large event. So, what is a micro wedding’s main draw? Well, it’s different for different couples, but here are the most enjoyed benefits.

The Cost

Instead of planning for hundreds of guests, a micro wedding includes a much smaller number of attendees. A smaller guest list reduces the financial cost significantly.

Even if you provide the same things as you would a larger wedding, such as food, alcohol, and a keepsake, you pay for far fewer people. However, you will still want to be sure to plan a budget for your big day.

Reduced Planning Time and Stress

Logistically, planning an event for 50 or fewer people is going to take less time and cause less stress than planning something for a much larger group. There will be fewer invitations, fewer decorations, minimal setup on the wedding day, and more.

Overall, more time for you to focus on the things you really want out of your big day!