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All about Our Upcoming BlogMaine- ‘The way Life should be’- yes, we think that’s true. It’s definitely the way Dating should be because there are so many wonderful things to do in this state on a date! And speaking of dates…Clay Hill Farm is the prefect dining destination for old-fashioned romance. You can take a stroll in the gardens, sip cocktails on the beautiful deck, be pampered while you enjoy fab food, and relax....all while avoiding the endless traffic and constant hustle and bustle of a tourist town. Oh, and at Clay Hill you can hear each other talk. That’s important, too-:):)Its rich beautiful scenery which especially showcased itself during the different seasons makes it the perfect match for that perfect romantic time. It is like magic and the effect can’t be ignored – the coastline, the parks that look like something from a fairytale and just to chip it in, our certified 11-acre environmental sanctuary which is a beauty to behold known as the Clay Hill Farm.Weddings have always been the time for happiness, a time that brings everyone together in harmony all dancing to the melodious tune of life’s most memorable moments. Getting a wedding venue that has the full capacity to transform your innermost desires into something magical and then bring it to life is the epitome of what you deserve.Maine is full of so many of such venues that will make your wedding not only picture perfect but also provide a calm and refreshing scene for you and all those present and Clay Hill Farm is the top of the list.Wedding venues are not the only thing Maine is known for, there are also restaurants. These restaurants provide some of the best dishes you can ever imagine. Their recipe takes you to a whole new world of food and drinks. It has some of the best Farm to table restaurants where everything is prepared from fresh and only fresh ingredients.Do you know that the people of Maine take lobsters very seriously? So serious, they have a lobster institute where you can go and acquire more knowledge about these amazing animals. And it is this love they put into their cooking and present to you at their restaurants and since Maine was also once known as the “Toothpick Capital of the World”, you are most certainly never going to run out any.Maine also is not behind on entertainment either, with its rich theatre, art and music, it is not called the vacation state just brag – it has earned it.Clay Hill Farm brings all the best that Maine has to offer to you in one place, owned and managed by a family, they organise the best events from musical entertainment shows to wedding planning and as mentioned earlier all this on our the certified 11-acre environmental sanctuary.Our upcoming blog will be about bringing you all you need to know about Maine and Clay Hill Farm from information on weddings, venues, dining to entertainment, Basically, we will be taking you on a magical journey on this beautiful state Farm and all it has to offer. So do please check back often for our posts. Thank you.