Why couples love coastal farm locations

Why couples love coastal farm locations

The destination wedding is becoming a trend nowadays. Couples properly plan their wedding day and choose the most beautiful locations for their big day. Much in vogue are the farm coastal weddings. There are reasons why couples love destination weddings so much.  Here is a list of enchanting features of coastal farm weddings, which inspire couples to host their wedding in such alluring locations. 

Splendid Locations

A coast and a farm when placed together offer the sights which are a feast for your eyes. The coastal farm locations are like fairy tales, celestial places to host your wedding. Clay Hill Farm can be the best among coastal farm locations. Maine is a place like none else.  Rocky coastline and rich maritime history with resorts close to nature like the granite and spruce islands of Acadia National Park. The Clay Hill Farm property is spacious and can host large wedding parties. Their gorgeous open deck patio and dazzling views of the garden is  perfect for cocktail hour or dancing the night away.

Charm of Nature

Nature is considered as a lucky charm by many people. Celebrating the day of your wedding under the sanctuary of nature is bliss. Couples move to the coastal hill areas to get blessings from mother nature. These locations soothe your soul and give the peace of mind we keep on searching for. Clay Hill Farm is one of the Ogunquit area’s most beautiful selections of elegant indoor and outdoor locations. Spread across 11 privately owned acres, Clay Hill Farm offers captivating garden, gazebo, and bird sanctuary views- just minutes from the iconic Maine coast.

A holiday in disguise

It hard to take time out of the stressful and demanding routines. Weddings organized as destination locations can be a very good excuse for a holiday not for just the couple but the family members as well. Rare are the events when families and friends plan consolidated events but a wedding of a loved one is a perfect incentive. Clay Hill Farms have the best staff to keep your guests pampers while you focus on your big day.

The best backdrop for wedding pictures

Pictures and videos are our way of keeping the event alive. Farm and coastal locations are certainly the most picturesque locations to host a wedding. You can capture your dream wedding pictures with exquisite ambiance that cannot be found anywhere else. With the backdrop of the most beautiful maritime coastline and majestic lighthouses, your pictures will be unique and memorable of our visit to Maine. 

Far away from Hustle and Bustle

Weddings are the most important event of one's life.   Hosting a destination wedding can add fun and excitement to your memorable day.  Your guests will enjoy the pause from their routine and immerse themselves in the nature surrounding Clay Hill Farm. Couples wishing to step away from traditional wedding venues offer their guests a celebration of nature, family, and love.