Clay Hill Farm Presents… Wit, Wisdom & Whiskey: A Taste of Twain

Cape Neddick, Maine


Clay Hill Farm Presents… Wit, Wisdom & Whiskey: A Taste of Twain  

Fans of Clay Hill Farm's unique one-man dinner shows starring the brilliant Kirk Simpson- renowned for his portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Robert Frost, Ben Franklin, and many others- have eagerly awaited the next debut performance in the lineup of literary legends. Wit, Wisdom & Whiskey: A Taste of Twain- featuring the remarkable life and legacy of Mark Twain, will open Thursday, May 2nd for a six-show run. This unique theatrical dining experience will take guests on a journey back in time to the 19th century, blending the iconic humor and insightful commentary of Twain with the distinguished ambiance of Clay Hill Farm. A captivating blend of theatre, history, and fine dining, Wit, Wisdom & Whiskey, A Taste of Twain is designed to engage and entertain guests in an intimate dinner setting, as Simpson-Clay Hill Farms' very own one-man powerhouse, brings the iconic Mark Twain to spectacular life. 


Based on the popular formula set up by Hal Holbrook, Kirk brings to life Mark Twain's memorable moments and musings through a series of monologues, anecdotes, and readings, transporting audiences to the era of steamboats, Huck Finn's grand adventures, and the early days of American literature. Guests will enjoy a dining experience that pairs perfectly with the evening's entertainment, featuring dishes made with locally sourced ingredients and a selection of fine whiskeys that celebrate Twain's well-known affection for the spirit. Whether a lifelong Twain aficionado, a lover of intimate theater, or simply a fan of exceptional food and entertainment, this show is not to be missed.


Wit, Wisdom & Whiskey: A Taste of Twain opens at Clay Hill Farm on Thursday, May 2nd for a six-show run. Evening performances are May 2, 9 & 15 @ 6 pm, Matinées: May 5, 18 & 19 @ 1 pm. Doors open ½ hour before the show. Seating is limited. Tickets are $25 per person plus the cost of food & beverage from Clay Hill Farm's a la carte menu. Reservations required. Space is limited. (207) 361-2272. 


About Kirk Simpson

Drawing from 35 years of experience, Kirk Simpson first collaborated with Clay Hill Farm Restaurant back in 2012 to create one-man show theatrical dining experiences and is still going strong 13 years later with Taste of Twain. He started performing back in 1985 when he began his career in acting at a local Renaissance Faire in Largo, Florida. From there, the next 36 years were filled with Renaissance Faires across the East Coast, musical theater, theater, children's theater, interactive themed events and so much more. Fresh from playing King Richard at King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA, Simpson currently resides in South Berwick with his husband and family. 

Clay Hill Farm is an award-winning restaurant and event venue on 10 private acres in Cape Neddick, Maine. A certified wildlife habitat and bird sanctuary, Clay Hill Farm is passionate about the natural beauty of Maine- proudly supporting locally sourced products, the community, and the arts.